Cost Of Living In Fresno: What Homebuyers Need To Know

Cost Of Living In Fresno: What Homebuyers Need To Know

The cost of living and cost of housing in Fresno varies in each neighborhood, where amenities, perks, and quality of life can improve a housing investment. Fresno offers a number of amenities for residents. To help you determine if Fresno is the perfect place for you, Movoto Real Estate is standing by with informative articles and numerous homes for sale.

Overall Cost of Living

When youre thinking about moving to a new state, city, or town, there are a number of financial factors that should be considered before you embark on your big move. The cost of living index is a useful set of statistics that are designed to compare the basic expenses associated with living in a certain area against both the national and state average. Some of the expenses considered include, rent, gas, and taxes. Fresno’s cost of living is 106, which is 22 percent less than the rest of California and 5.7 percent greater than the national average.

Cost Of Goods And Services

Calculating the general cost of goods and services can help you to better budget your move. Goods and services refer to purchasing items or services for everyday use. For example, a trip to the beauty salon, buying household essentials, or taking your clothes to the dry cleaners can all be considered “goods and services.” When it comes to purchasing goods and services in Fresno, you will generally pay the national average. In other words, Fresno is less expensive than other California areas, but on-par with the national average for purchasing goods and services.

Cost Of Groceries

All too often the cost of groceries is overlooked when people are considering the cost of their move. Groceries are an essential item that can make or break or your monthly budget. Generally speaking, purchasing groceries in Fresno is 6 points more expensive than the national average. However, the city is cheaper than the majority of California areas. For example, purchasing groceries in San Francisco would cost you 18 points more than if you purchased them in Fresno.

Cost Of Health Care

The cost of health care varies from state to state and city to city. Visiting a doctor or optometrist in Fresno, California will typically cost you less than the national average. However, other medical purchases can be more expensive. Generally speaking, residents of Fresno will pay less for health care services than other California residents.

Cost Of Housing

The cost of housing in Fresno varies depending on the location of your home. With this in mind, the median home value in Fresno is 84 points less than the California average and 5 points greater than the national average.

Cost Of Transportation

The cost of transportation in Fresno, California is higher than the national average, but lower than many California cities. The cost of gas and car maintenance tends to be higher. However, using public transportation, biking, walking, or participating in ride shares can greatly lower the monthly cost of transportation throughout Fresno.

Cost Of Utilities

The cost of utilities in Fresno will vary depending on your chosen utility. On average, utilities cost more in Fresno than the California and national average. For example, paying for utilities in Fresno will cost 3 points more than the same utilities in Sacramento, CA.

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